About Us


Welcome to our Farewell By Design site where we specialise in end of life services in Perth and Western Australia.

We have started this business in response to the community need for greener, gentler choices when faced with death.

Our Products

Contact us to learn more about our amazing products! Tell us what you would like to learn more about? We hope you find our products a viable option to what is currently available on the market.

Your questions and suggestions will only help us improve our services to the Perth and Western Australian Community.

We offer a range of environmentally friendly casketsshrouds and urns.

We also offer all the above products for pets!

What we are offering is choices; at a lower cost and environmentally friendly, choices in how your end of life looks, how and where your funeral takes place and what carbon footprint you leave behind. Most of us are getting wiser about the environment and the damage caused by us as individuals; we are trying to do the right thing in our lives, so what about in our death, our legacy can be giving back.

Meet Our Team

Elaine Dinnigan – Celebrant and End of Life Doula

0403 536 171

Little did we know that our meeting in Chile was the beginning of a journey that would lead us to working together towards a death positive movement. Death was the circumstance that led to that first meeting and love has brought us to the present 12 years later. We have both faced the loss of a parent, friends and pets. We hope you will join us in making death a natural sacred part of life to be revered and planned; don’t leave the messy part to someone else, invite your family to take part in this moment in preparing you for this journey.

Find out more about Elaine’s work on www.endoflifeservices.com.au

Dominique Fouet – Photographer

0402 540 169

The portrait will be the last picture,  that really captures who you are at a single point in time.

A photo session not like any other to demonstrate to your family and people you love, your passion,  your personality, preferred place where you liked to be or your favorite hobby.

A photograph of your choice for the day of your funeral….

In the recent past it has been family members taking care of funeral arrangements, now we encourage you to think about it for yourself and them

Find out more about Dominique’s work on  www.thefrenchclick.com

“I think the experience of dying is too big, too profound to be contained in any one model.”  Frank Ostaseski!