Urns-Scatter Tubes

turn your beloved ashes to a tree

The intent of Bios Urn is to offer individuals an alternative for remembering deceased persons and/or pets in a natural, sustainable fashion, thereby turning the process of death into regeneration and a return to life through nature.The urn is 16cm x 16cm x 32cm and weighs 850 grams without the growth medium.

funeral urns perth

The urn is made in two sections.

The top section contains a degradable bag of premium grow medium. It is sealed with a tear-away paper cover. The base section is for the ashes.

The two-section fit snugly together. Instructions are also included inside the

Bios Urn            $189

Large bio urn design for burying ashes. This urn comes a with the special biodegradable plastic liner for securing the ashes.

BIO-FERN-L      Tree Fern           Bio Burial Urn       Out of order

BIO-PURPLE-L    Earthy Purple       Bio Burial Urn

Earth Burial Urn              $80

  LIFE CYCLE OCEAN          Water Burial Urn       

Water burial cremation urns: Life Cycle Urns are design for burial at sea. Instead of casting ashes, the box and inner bag are designed to break down in water. the Urn will float for a couple of minutes before sinking. Must be used in very deep water.

AUTUMN LEAVES            Water Burial Urn

Water Urn              $110


Attractive and environmentally friendly, the small tubes are ideal for children taking part in Ceremony.

Scatter tubes small, Medium and Large are ideal for when ashes are divided for scattering in different areas and any place where there is wind.

Scatter Tubes               Sm.$25 M.$40 L $55

Tree of Life Sm.$25

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