Here Are Some of The Frequently Asked Questions About Green Burials In Perth and Western Australia

What is a home funeral?

  • A home funeral is a non-commercial, family- centred response to death. It provides non-invasive care and preparation of the body, by family and friends with support and guidance from an end of life doula if requested and includes ceremony and or ritual in accordance with the individuals wishes.  Commercial funeral providers can be engaged to do as little or as much as the family require.
  • The benefits of a home funeral are environmental, financial, therapeutic, and spiritual. A home funeral gives family and friends more time with the deceased, which may help in the grieving process.

What is a Natural burial?

  • Natural or green burial is the disposition of the body into the earth in a manner which allows the natural decomposition of the body.The body must be dressed or shrouded in natural materials free from any chemical process and can be enclosed in a bio-degradable casket. The body and or casket is then placed directly in the earth closer to the surface than in other burials to allow the decomposition process to commence.

Are there any Natural Burial Cemeteries in Perth?

  • Yes. There are only 2 cemeteries in Perth at either Pinnaroo or Fremantle. This is in natural bushland and the burial place is not marked.

Why use Bios Urn?

  • The intent of Bios Urn is to offer individuals an alternative for remembering deceased persons and pets in a natural, sustainable fashion, thereby turning the process of death into regeneration and a return to life through nature.

What are the advantages of using a Bios Urn?

  • It is innovative. It is useful. Thanks to its creative process, Bios Urn becomes something necessary to achieve proper growth from ashes.
  • It is aesthetic. It is a simple, kind object, designed for our well-being. It is understandable. Its shape describes its function.
  • It is self-explanatory.
  • It is discrete. Bios Urn leaves no trace of identification that it has been used. It completely biodegradable.
  • It is honest. It is a product with a very specific role that does not intend to be more innovative or valuable than it truly is.
  • It is long-lasting and independent. Thanks to Its manufacturing process, Urna Bios does not “expire”, and as such, its use is not bound by any specific period, or place. Its design is democratic. Its price is reasonable.
  • It is sustainable. Both the product and its function imply an environmental, social and economic improvement for a growing problem, overpopulation and metropolis growth.
  • It is simple. Less, can be better.

How is the Bios Urn planted?

  • The Bios Urn is simple to use. The urn is divided into two separate capsules: the upper capsule is a sealed unit to ensure the good condition of the premium grow medium; and the lower capsule is where you will store the ashes. You, or the crematorium just need to fill the lower cone of the urn with the remains. Then close it with the top capsule.
  • Before you bury the urn, select a suitable seedling from your local garden centre this provides you with the opportunity to make a more personal selection, and have a plant type that is both suitable and pre-hardened to your location.  Keeping both sections of the urn together, remove the tear-away paper seal from the top capsule. Empty the bag of grow medium into the top capsule and add some soil from the burial site to it, mixing them together. Loosen the seedling roots gently and plant the seedling into the capsule. The entire urn can now be buried into a suitably dug hole. Bury the urn approx. 3-5 cm under the surface so the entire urn can bio-degrade. It is now ready to water in and take care of.
  • Simply plant your urn where you want your tree to grow and take care of it. Always plant all the urn, which is 100% biodegradable and won’t damage the soil. You can plant your Bios Urn using a seed or a young sprout. The Bios Urn should be planted about 3-5 cm from the soil surface. Once planted, make sure the seed has the appropriate water and humidity levels.

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