Our funeral casket range is all hand-woven, and lined using natural and environmentally-friendly wicker material. Most are suitable for ‘natural burials’ or can be used for a traditional burial or cremation with or without a shroud. We offer a range of caskets in two sizes for adults, a child size and a choice of three baby caskets.

Willow coffins are among the most environmentally friendly coffins available. We believe that our coffins are the ultimate in environmental recycling as willow is a highly renewable crop harvested each year which involves minimal processing.

Willow can degrade rapidly in the soil and helps to lock carbon emissions into its willow stems.

In the right soil conditions willow tends to decompose much more quickly than traditional materials such as MDF, hardwoods and metal.

Willow is a carbon neutral material and when burnt only gives off the same amount of carbon that it consumes within its lifetime.

All our Willow Caskets are completely natural and biodegradable. They break down in 6 months to 2 years depending on soil conditions. Willow coffins are woven and therefore do not depend on toxic glues, varnish, plastics, or metals.

Their colours are the natural plant dyes in the pigmentation. This means that colour tone may vary from batch to batch.

Adult Caskets                      $1300



                    The Jude                 

the Jude funeral caskets for perth market

Sea grass & willow coffin.
Round ends with wooden nameplate.
It also includes top & bottom calico liner

plus a moisture proof membrane. Handles.         

Size 2: 180 x 47 x 30



             The  Kings

The Kings funeral casket in Perth

This new design is an oval shape coco stick weave.

Rope handles.

Top and bottom calico liners.

Size 2: 173 x 45 x 27



Child Caskets            $420

            The Able

the Able child funeral casket Perth

This child casket is an oval willow weave.

With a coloured band around the top

and the bottom, with the same coloured

rope handles. This makes a sensitive choice

for all children.

Size: 120 x 35 x 25


Baby Caskets               $160

            The Miriam              Out of Stock

the Miriam funeral casket Perth

This baby casket is honey

coloured willow with a corn


Size: 54 x 28 x 15.

                    The Moses

the Moses funeral casket Perth

This baby casket is natural willow with a

band of mature willow top and bottom.

Size: 54 x 28 x 15.

                       The Malachi           Out of Stock        

the Malachi funeral casket Perth

This baby casket is honey

coloured willow with a

sea grass weave.

Size: 54 x 28 x 14.


Small Baby Casket          $60

                                   The Micah         


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